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Incorporating Early Female Composers in Today's Violin Repertoire BallroomJane Hatter • Jane Etherington Changing Diets and Chiseling Away Dogmas Regarding Saltbush Specialization in Dipodomys microps Vermillion CliffsTeri Orr • Sydney Stephens Gender and Religion in a Shifting Social Landscape: Final Phase Anglo-Saxon Mortuary Practices, 600-700 A.D Shooting StarJaime Bartlett • Caroline Palmer Organizational Learning in Inpatient Hospitals: A Systematic Review of the Literature Yankee MeadowBret Lyman • Maggie Gunn • Emily Hammond • Jonathan Jacobs Soviets, Socialists, and the Spartacus Ballet EscalanteAngie Banchero-Kelleher • Arden Laga Stroke Optimization for Petroleum Rod Pumping Charles HunterJohn Hedengren • Jens Griffin • Nathan Van Katwyk • Insu Kim • Craig Schoenberger TEMPERATURE EFFECTS ON THE ELECTROCHROMIC OPTICAL TRANSITIONS OF ETHYL VIOLOGEN DIPERCHLORATE Brian HeadTaylor Sparks • Logan Kiefer • Christian Robert The Benefits of Culturally Adapted Mental Health Treatments: A Meta-Analysis Whiting RoomTimothy Smith • Yerina Flores • Niyeli Herrera • Hanna Prieto • Juan Valladares Traditional Alcohol Production and Consumption in Rural Malawi Cedar BreaksRandy Page • Brian Allen A fossil-pollen-based climate reconstruction of two lake records from the Uinta mountain range in northern Utah. Great HallMitchell Power • Andrew Kennedy A Study of the Influence of Sister City Relationships, with a focus on Marketing in International Collegiate Travel Great HallMatthew Morin • Allison White An Analysis for Two Methodologies for Measuring Human Capital Great HallCliff Nowell • Eric Gibson Antifungal activity and the synergistic effects of lemongrass essential oil and Amphotericin B on Rhizopus oryzae Biofilms. Great HallOlga Kopp • Karaleen Anderson • Hannah • Caeleb Harris • Mariel Hatch • Stephanie Pare • Li Szhen Teh Antifungal activity clove oil has when combined with Amphotericin B against fungus known to cause Mucormycosis, Rhizopus oryzae. Great HallOlga Kopp • Karaleen Anderson • Karina Bravo • Caeleb Harris • Mariel Hatch • Tyson Hill • Rawly Lyle Are Humans Just Animals? A Study of the Acceptance of Evolution Great HallHeath Ogden • Chad Talbot BACTERIOCIN PRODUCTION BY BIO-PROTECTIVE LAB CULTURES THAT INHIBIT LACTOBACILLUS WASATCHENSIS Great HallCraig Oberg • Sophie Overbeck Building the Foundation: Characteristics and Achievement Patterns of Three-Year-Olds’ Evolving Mathematical Knowledge Great HallJessica Shumway • Alyssa Collins Characterization and comparison of fluoropolymer composites for waste water treatment Great HallTaylor Sparks • Zachary Luscher Charcoal-Based Conductive Paint Great HallWendy Schatzberg • Autumn Wyatt Community Reintegration of Children with an Acquired Brain Injury Great HallMarissa Diener • Melissa Swedin Constitutional Development in Kenya Great HallJoel Selway • Austin Weenig Demonstration as Instructional Tool Great HallHussein Samha • Jessie Byers Disability Awareness Using the Dolly Gray Children's Literature Award Great HallTina Dyches • Kelli Egan • Kimberly Tarnasky Effect of Organic Acids on Suppressing Growth of Lactobacillus wasatchensis Great HallCraig Oberg • Ireland Green Effects of coral mining on community dominance of macroalgae vs scleractinian coral on three reefs near islands of varying coral wall volumes in the corregimiento Nargana, Guna Yala Province, Panamá Great HallDr. Juan Maté • Jackson Podis Effects of Glycyrrhetinic Acid on Wound Healing Processes in a Colorectal Tumor Mouse Model Great HallMelinda Angus-Hill • Spencer Ericksen • Julio Hidalgo • Annika Warncke Examination of proteins bound to nascent DNA in mammalian cells using BrdU-ChIP-Slot-Western technique Great HallSrividya Bhaskara • Dominique Pablito FAI: A New Way to Measure State-Anger Great HallMichelle Grimes • Logan Ashworth Following the Nucleation Pathway of Gyroid Great HallValeria Molinero • Laura Lupi • Maile Marriott Give us a HAND: Holistic narrative quality rating of stories told by typically developing children Great HallSandi Gillam • Teigan Beck • Cecily Froerer • Sarai Holbrook • Serina Mumford • Devan Reische Grammatical Accuracy of Narratives Produced by Typically Developing Children Ages 4-7 Great HallSandra Gillam • Sierra Browning • Cortney Hoffman • Sarai Holbrook • Natalie Johnson • Amanda Miller • Sierra Southwick Homologous neurons play similar roles in reproductive-behavior circuits Great HallKrista Todd • Jess Breda • Kathleen French • William Kristan Immigration stress among refugees resettled in Utah Great HallAkiko Kamimura • Sayro Paw Invasive Spiny Soft Shelled Turtle Great HallWilliam Heyborne • Kyson McBride Investigation of the synergistic effect of Origanum vulgare (Oregano) Oil and Amphotericin B to inhibit fungal biofilm in species known to causing Mucormycosis Great HallOlga Kopp • Karaleen Anderson • Caeleb Harris • Mariel Hatch • Kendrick Kiggins • Anastasiia Matkovska • Levi Neely Laboratory safety misconceptions among first year chemistry students. Great HallWendy Schatzberg • Daniel Sullivan Modeling Ebola Outbreaks: Analyzing the Effects of Contact Tracing Great HallVinodh Chellamuthu • Alexander Mitchell Molecular Phylogeny of Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) Great HallHeath Ogden • Angel Guerra • Curtis Hoffmann Multicultural Competency and Successful Client Outcomes Among Minority Groups: A Meta-Analysis Great HallTimothy Smith • Yerenia Flores • Niyeli Herrera • Hanna Prieto • Juan Valladares Multivariate Analysis of Hospital Readmissions for Posterior Cervical Spine Surgery Using Structural Equation Modeling Great HallMan Hung • Jerry Bounsanga • Rohan D'souza • Alec Hansen • Dominique Nielson • Maren Voss • Julie Xu Narrative Proficiency of Stories by Typically Developing Students Ages 4-7 Great HallSandra Gillam • Hailey Ashcroft • Tristin Hampshire • Sarai Holbrook • Megan Israelsen • Kate Scott Oral Health Programs for Uninsured Free Clinic patients Great HallAkiko Kamimura • Clayton Booth • Mitch Johansen Osseointegration on a Carbon-Infiltrated Carbon Nanotube Coated Titanium Surface Great HallAnton Bowden • Laura Bridgewater • Brian Jensen • Natalie Kwon • Jacquelyn Monroe Patient adherence to provider recommendations and medication among uninsured free clinic patients Great HallAkiko Kamimura • Jazmine Hurley Relational Reinforcement Learning and the Curse of Dimensionality Great HallTodd Peterson • Joseph Millar Resistivity of Nickel Thin Films Great HallSamuel Tobler • Michael Maynard • Alex Mitchell Speak and Sketch: A Case Study of an Expository Intervention for Children with Language Impairment Great HallTeresa A. Ukrainetz • R.J. Risueño Student Hunger Great HallCaren Frost • Sidney Cushing Synergistic efficiency of cinnamon oil and Amphotericin B on biofilm of the fungal species Rhizopus oryzae Great HallOlga Kopp • Karaleen Anderson • Jeremiah Ferrin • Caeleb Harris • Mariel Hatch • Jedediah Orullian • Hutch Rhees Synthesis and Examination of Chalcone Derivatives for Antitumor Activity Great HallDon Davies • Tracy Covey • Brian Farnsworth • Parker Ferguson The effect of the loss of nonsense-mediated mRNA decay on naturally occurring variants Great HallMark Metzstein • Ashley Wiltsie The Effects of High Glucose on the Oxidant Status of the Red Blood Cell Great HallJennifer Meyer • Jefferson Last • Mariah Richins The synthesis of an anti diabetes molecule Great HallMike Christiansen • Ryker Hacking The Use and Ownership of the Toothbrush in San Martín Jilotepeque, Guatemala Great HallKaren Preston • Mackynzie Parry Toxicity Effect of Chalcone Variants on Cancer Cells Great HallTracy Covey • Brian Allen • Don Davies • Brian Farnsworth • Parker Ferguson Traditonal Genes May be Misleading: A Phylogenetic Analysis of Ameletopsidae (Ephemeroptera) Great HallHeath Ogden • CaBri Montano Transcriptomes show us the way: Opsin evolution in Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) Great HallHeath Ogden • Jacob Delano Uncertainty in Optical Particulate Counting Sensors Great HallMatthew Jones • Jared Blanchard “Down Syndrome Advantage”: Adaptation of Single Mothers Great HallTina Dyches • Jamie Easler • Nora Evans • Hannah Grow

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Employee Retention: Relationship among Housekeeper’s Job Satisfaction, Organizational Workforce, and Racial-Ethnicity within the Global Hospitality Industry in Utah Cedar BreaksYang Huo • Megan Anderson • Madalyn Johnson Numerical Assessment of Mechanical Properties of Additively Manufactured Porous Media Yankee MeadowPania Newell • Brett Reeder Possible Prophylactic Treatment for PTSD-Like Symptoms in Rats EscalanteJeffery Edwards • Bryson Dabney • Sean Pickard Poverty Simulation: Students’ Impactful Moments Brian HeadGaye Ray • Mike McNeil • Camry Shawcroft • Debra K Wing Schur Rings over Infinite Cyclic Groups Whiting RoomAndrew Misseldine • Nicholas Bastian • Jaden Brewer The Possibilities of Dance-History Integration in Education Vermillion CliffsScott Knowles • Kathleen Fotheringham Tracking Statistics in New Grade Level Program Shooting StarJoy Challis • Gareth Houston-McMillan Barriers to the proliferation of aged β cells through overexpression of Nkx6.1 Great HallJeffery Tessem • Talon Aitken • Parker Booren • Jackie Crabree • Samuel Grover • Nathanael Jensen Blu-ray Thermal Scanning Microscope Great HallTroy Munro • Ryker Haddock Britain's Role in the Unification of South Africa and the South Africa Act in the Early 20th Century Great HallJoel Selway • Madelaine Campbell Canker Sore frequency with DEFB1 Mutant Gene Great HallAaron Davis • Kaden Jordan Comparison of two common methods used to calibrate motion capture systems Great HallSteven Charles • Kari Beardsley • Ryan Clark • Taylor Dickinson • Dan Geiger • Johnfredy Loaiza Cyclin Dependent Kinase Inhibitors Play a Role in Blocking β cell Proliferation Great HallJeffery Tessem • Talon Aitken • Parker Booren • Jackie Crabtree • Samuel Grover • Nathan Jensen Determination of the methylation status of the ACE gene Great HallAaron Davis • Jace Buxton Determining the Dominant Axis of Bat Rotation for Division I Softball Hitters in Home Run Swings Great HallTravis Ficklin • Connor Meyerhoeffer • Sutherland Wyatt Does Pdx1 Enhance Functional β-cell Mass? Great HallJeffery Tessem • Jasmine Banner • Kenneth Call • Collin Christensen • Aaron Leifer • Trevor Lloyd Effect of salinity on the hatching of Branchinecta lindahli Packard, 1883. Great HallFredric Govedich • Nayla Rhein Effects of Binge Eating on Self Confidence and Body Image Great HallChris Anderson • Hailey Boggess Effects of fire on aquatic ecosystems Great HallFredric Govedich • Lauren Nickell Elaborative Noun Phrase Use as produced in narratives by School-age Children from ages 4-7 Great HallSandra Gillam • Kennedi Eggertsen • Aubrey Passey • Becca Polson Enhancing Number System Knowledge to Promote Number Sense and Adaptive Expertise: A Case Study of a Second-Grade Mathematics Student Great HallJessica Shumway • Cami Player Epigenetic Regulation of Inflammation in Macaques Great HallErin Kinnally • Kelsey Bennion Exploratory Analysis between Frequency of Quality Sleep and Calorie-Tracking Great HallChris Anderson • Annalyse Kofoed Expression, Purification, and Activity of Recombinant Human SKIP Great HallMary Nelson • PhD • Somer Doody Fabrication of Multi-material Microfluidic Devices Great HallBruce Gale • Gabriel Poulson Ferritin associations with Immune Cell Profile and Inflammatory Markers in Cross-Country Athletes Great HallDavid Aguilar-Alvarez • Bess Bauer Habitability of Martian Recurring Slope Lineae: Building Capacity for Exploring Terrestrial Analogs for Astrobiology Great HallByron Adams • Kate Hendricks Influence of Meal Caloric Distribution in Metabolic Syndrome Parameters Among College Students Great HallDavid Aguilar-Alvarez • Alexis Elinkowski Investigating the Impact of Community Engagement Projects on Project Leaders Great HallCarrie Bucklin • Sennai Habtes • Elizabeth Obray • Kristin Wilson-Grimes Kinematics of Hip Joints with Cam Femoroacetabular Impingement Great HallAndrew Anderson • Joseph Hartle Kinetics of methylene blue adsorption on humic acids Great HallGabriela Chilom • Katherine Monday KLF14 Function Great HallJeffery Tessem • Jasmine Banner • Kenneth Call • Collin Christensen • Aaron Leifer • Trevor Lloyd Mechanical Testing of Novel Anterior Vertebral Clamp Great HallAnton Bowden • Arianna Reay • Aubrie Taylor Micro Scale Filtration Using Spiral Channel Devices Great HallBruce Gale • Sean Harbertson NUMBERS GAME: Censusing the Howling Monkey (Alouatta palliata) Population at La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica Great HallMelissa Schaefer • Timothy VanZeben Predisposed Success as an Athlete: Genes that Give an Edge Great HallAaron Davis • Tason Turek Quality of Childcare Great HallCaren Frost • Megan Shaw Quantifying Minimum Banding Size and Survival in fledgling American White Pelicans from Gunnison Island Great HallDavid Kimberly • Jaimi Butler • Ashley Kijowski • Claire Prasad Range Management: Public Perception of a Fuel Load Great HallRandall Violett • Whittni Ananin Rearing Ephemeroptera in the Lab: Parthenogenesis and Transcriptome Data In the Mayflies Great HallHeath Ogden • Nicholas Brian • Jacob Delano Residual Malignancy Detection Using Real Time Waveform Analysis Great HallHuda Al-Ghaib • Thomas Burton Separation of biofuels from ionic liquids via reversible solubility Great HallRico DelSesto • Rhianna Wolsleger Strengths Assessments in Student Leadership Teams Great HallJennifer Schultz • James Keyes Subtalar Kinematics in Patients Treated for Tibiotalar Osteoarthritis with Arthrodesis: A High-speed Dual Fluoroscopy Study Great HallAndrew Anderson • Spencer Kendell Syntactic complexity of narratives produced by typically developing children ages 4-7 Great HallSandra Gillam • Alison Barlow • Natalie Green • Madison Horrocks • Madeline Peterson Systematic Discordance in Evolutionary Biology Great HallMatt Haber • Lydia Morley The British Empire's Goals Regarding Egyptian Independence Great HallJoel Selway • Davis Agle The effect of monomeric, oligomeric and polymeric cocoa flavanols on β-cell proliferation Great HallJeffery Tessem • Matt Austin • Moroni Lopez • Lauren Manwaring • Brooke Smyth The Effects of Hyperlipidemia on Pancreatic Beta Cells Great HallJeffery Tessem • Andrew Barlow • Mason Poffenbarger • Austin Ricks The Effects of Nanomaterials on E. coli Growth Great HallJennifer Weidhaas • Gemma Clark The Effects of Palmitate on Beta Cell Insulin Secretion Great HallJeffery Tessem • Andrew Barlow • Zoey Fishburn • Trevor Lloyd • Mason Poffenbarger • Austin Ricks The lived experience of a family dealing with childhood obesity: A thematic analysis of a published memoir with suggestions for future study and intervention. Great HallJason Wilde • Christian Hildebrandt • Carly Jensen • Dillon Jones The Lived Experience of Parents of First-Generation College Students Great HallDoug Gardner • Daniel Allred The Value of Activity-Based Costing Systems to Small Businesses Great HallDavid Christensen • Braden Bybee Tourism in Utah as an Economic Development Tool Great HallMaritza Sotomayor • Jhana Aristondo Unexpected Copper Nanoparticle Synthesis from Bulk Copper Metal Great HallChris Monson • Mikaila Hunt

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American Mormon: A Study in Value Priorities EscalanteCarla Trentelman • Jodi Shegrud Generation of stress/strain curves by VPSC for simulation of sheet stamping in Mg alloy AZ31B at different forming temperatures Yankee MeadowMichael Miles • Trenton Colton • David Fullwood Identity Negotiation of Pre-Service Teachers Brian HeadChizu Matsubara • Xela Armstrong Simulating Coal Transportation with Carbon Dioxide Cedar BreaksBradley Adams • Ariel Green • Taylor Schroedter The "Mythic Sublime" in Irish Mythology and the Modern World Vermillion CliffsNozomi Irei • Morrigan DeVito The Quiet Breaking Us Down Shooting StarJennifer Sinor • Morgan Sanford The Solar Patch: Mobile Device Charging Module Whiting RoomJohn Salmon • Nathanael Nelson “The Greatest Equalizer": Education and its Impacts in Otutati, Namibia Charles HunterDavid Crandall • Katherine Safsten A Case Study Investigating the Impact of a Summer MS to PhD Bridge Program on the Science Identities of Underrepresented Minority Students. Great HallCarrie Bucklin • Mark Albrecht • Sennai Habtes • Kristin Wilson-Grimes A new gigantic sea spider in the genus Colossendeis Great HallFred Govedich • Bonnie Bain • Jordan Parker Ablation Rates Under Catalyzed Deuterium Flow Great HallBok Sangho • Ben Thrift An Investigation of Epigenetic Contributions to the Development of Body-weight in a Nonhuman Primates Great HallDee Higley • John Capitanio • Jefferson Hunter • Erika Jones • Erin Kinnally • Elizabeth Wood Antifungal Activity of Endophytes isolated from Ephedra nevadensis Great HallOlga Kopp • McKay Christensen • Preston Larsen • Ian Sudbury • Li Szhen Teh • Ranae Zauner Artistic Behaviors and Aggressive Tendencies in Childhood Great HallMichelle Grimes • Ashlyn Judd Body Image in Collegiate Athletes Throughout Their Collegiate Career Great HallChristopher Anderson • Tatum Smith Deletion of Nr4a nuclear receptors on β-cells in hyperlipidemia Great HallJeffery Tessem • Weston Elison Design of Martian Recurrent Slope Lineae Analogs to Study a Potential Environmental Niche for Life Great HallByron Adams • Scott George • Jonathan Shumway Detection of Protein Biomarkers by Quantum Dots Great HallMing Yu • Tegan Parks Developing Quantum Dot Based Bioassays for Detection of Cancer Biomarkers Great HallMing Yu • Kaden Parks Digital Representations of Microstructure Great HallOliver Johnson • Akash Amalaraj • Madeline Foote • David Fullwood Does NeuroD Enhance Functional Beta cell mass? Great HallJeffery Tessem • Jasmine Banner • Kenneth Call • Collin Christensen • Aaron Leifer • Trevor Lloyd Effect of Overfishing: Analysis and Model Great HallVinodh Chellamuthu • Jace Howell Effects of Marked Intonation on a Restricted Scope Configuration Great HallAniko Csirmaz • Luke Tuttle Evaluation of Intimate Partner Violence Curriculum in Residency Training Programs Great HallAkiko Kamimura • Jazmine Hurley Floating Microalgae Harvesting Boat to Prevent Algal Blooms and Produce Renewable Energy Great HallKevin Shurtleff • Blake Allred • Austin Bettridge • Jeff Keller • Anastasiia Matkovska Grain Boundaries and Diffusivity Great HallEric Homer • Katie Varela Hangry: A James-Lange Explication of Physiological Responses Great HallGrant Corser • Logan Ashworth Harvesting Phragmites along the Shores of Utah Lake for a Low Cost, Renewable, Carbon-Neutral, Biofuel Great HallKevin Shurtleff • Tyler Johnson Hydrazine Dendrimers Great HallMackay Steffensen • Aleksei Ananin Identifying the Effects of Cocoa Flavanols on Cellular Respiration of β-Cells Great HallJeffery Tessem • Matt Austin • Moroni Lopez • Lauren Manwaring • Brooke Smyth Impact of Religiosity on HPV Knowledge and Adherence to Vaccination Great HallWendy Birmingham • Mia Felin • Joseph Fitzgerald • Tyler Graff • Cheyenne Kemp • Christian Kindt • Janelle Macintosh • Allison Vaughn Improving Heart Attack Recovery Utilizing Biomaterials and Synthetic Biology Great HallTara Deans • Dylan Wootton Investigating the antimicrobial activity of humic acids Great HallGabriela Chilom • Michelle George Ionic Liquids as Green Biofuel Extractants Great HallRico DelSesto • TaylorAnn Christensen Kinematics of the first and fifth metatarsals as determined by high-speed dual fluoroscopy Great HallAndrew Anderson • Konstantinos Karpos • Koren Roach MASS AND ENERGY EXPENDITURE DURING INDOOR TREADWALL ROCK CLIMBING Great HallJulie Taylor • Taylor Clement Measuring Regrowth and Animal Movement After a Fire Disturbance Great HallCarrie Bucklin • Kaitlin Veylupek • Diana Villicana Mechanical Strain Induced Apoptosis in Retinal Ganglion Cells- Relevance for Disease Great HallDavid Krizaj • Grace Hoffmann • Monika Lakk Mentoring Refugee Youth: Creating a Service Learning Program for University Student Mentors Great HallCaren Frost • Allyson Berri Microalgae and Cyanobacteria Harvesting using Electrostatic Potential Great HallKevin Shurtleff • Austin Bettridge • Jeff Keller • Anastasiia Matkovska Modification of WSe2 nanoplates created by screw dislocations Great HallGabriela Chilom • Jayson Foster Mulitple NGF Treatments and Regeneration in Peripheral Nerves Great HallAlonzo Cook • Elijah Bingham • Michael Lange • Don Rodriguez Multivalent Human Serum Albumin – Anti-CD20 Fab’ Conjugates for Induction of Apoptosis in Lymphoma Cells Great HallJindřich Kopeček • Christian Kodele • Lian Li • Jane Yang Oncogenic KRas drives invasion of epidermal cells into the zebrafish body Great HallJohn Fadul • Franco Jin • Nadja Redd • Jody Rosenblatt • Gloria Slattum Religiosity and Psychological Well-Being among People of Color: A Meta-Analysis Great HallTimothy Smith • Yerenia Flores • Niyeli Herrera • Hanna Prieto • Juan Valladares Religious Fundamentalism, in relation to Substance and Behavioral Addictions Great HallKristine Olson • Miguel Diaz • Sophie A. George • Sarah Janson • Christena Jensen • Chantel Sloan Social Partners Predict Drinking Behaviors: The Distribution of Peer-Reared Cage Mates and its Effects on Alcohol Consumption in Rhesus Monkey Social Groups Great HallDee Higley • Spencer Waters Solar Updraft Towers to Clean the Air and Reduce Inversions Great HallKevin Shurtleff • Austin Bettridge Synthesis and Characterization of Low Toxicity Extraction Solvents Great HallRico DelSesto • Gift Ifijeh Synthesis of Alkyl-Substituted trans-Alkenes by Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reaction Great HallNathan Werner • Mason Smith Temporal Feeding in Howler Monkey (Alouatta Palliata) Great HallMelissa Schaefer • Sydney Cahoon The Effect of Cocoa Flavanol Metabolites on β-cell Insulin Secretion Great HallJeffery Tessem • Matt Austin • Moroni Lopez • Lauren Manwaring • Brooke Smyth The Sound of Music, or the Content? Great HallGrant Corser • Jenica Heaton Understanding the role of VDAC2 in heart failure and intracellular calcium regulation Great HallStavros Drakos • Yuanhang Zhao Unsupervised Classification of Unknown Traffic In a Campus Network Great HallRen Quinn • Ryan Baker Using Exoplanet Transits to Calibrate the Great Basin Observatory Great HallRhett Zollinger • Katherine Wilcox β cell Proliferation Inhibition and Histone Modification Great HallJeffery Tessem • Talon Aitken • Parker Booren • Jackie Crabree • Samuel Grover • Nathan Jensen “You Need to Stop for a Minute, Just Listen to What I’m Saying:” A Preliminary Report on Perceived Parental Support in Adolescents with ADHD Great HallWendy Birmingham • Erin Kaseda

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A Comparison of the Use of Light and Darkness as Symbols in El sí de las niñas by Leandro Maratín and Don Juan Tenorio by José Zorrilla Shooting StarYanina Becco • Brayden Jackman Behavioral Discipline EscalanteKari Gali • Hadli Gates Bringing Rigor to Reading: How Young Learners Can Benefit From Better Books Whiting RoomNozomi Irei • Peyton Carter Charlotte Maxeke: Yankee MeadowLeslie Hadfield • Luke Ekstrom Effect of rally duration on outcome in professional tennis Cedar BreaksJoshua Price • Mikala Lowrance Electron yield of Low-Density Polyethylene Brian HeadJ Dennison • Jordan Lee Jet Impingement on Superhydrophobic Surfaces: Effect of Post Microstructure on Heat Transfer Vermillion CliffsJulie Crockett • Dewey Potts Sterile FRESH Bioprinting Charles HunterLon Cook • Brynne Anderson • Hal Jones • Mary Rosbach • Dan Schindler • Chandler Warr 3D Printed Vascular Networks as Aids for the Seeding of Extracellular Matrices Great HallAlonzo Cook • Hal Jones A Digital Database of Integrable Systems and Their Properties Great HallIan Anderson • Thomas Hill Abortion and the Supreme Court Great HallAngela Pool-Funai • Shay Bauman Altered Feeding Behavior and Viral Detection in Honey Bees Exposed to Organosilicone Surfactants Great HallDiana Cox-Foster • Matthew Thompson Axisymmetric Turbulent Wake Development Great HallJulie Crockett • Heather Erickson • Kyle Hakes Comparing Intrasexual Affiliative and Agonistic Behaviors in Mantled Howler Monkeys (Alouatta palliata) Great HallMelissa Schaefer • Laurel Fortun Computationally Efficient Generation of Adversarial Images for Deep Learning Great HallRyan Gerdes • Frost Mitchell Design and construction of a multi-subunit Type IV CRISPR system expression plasmid Great HallRyan Jackson • Melena Garrett • Riannon Smith Designing a Carbon Infiltration-Carbon Nanotube Filtration Device to Separate Oil from Fracking Waste Great HallAnton Bowden • Brian Jensen • Phillip Ng Destined to Dominate? Sexual Dimorphism in Rhesus Monkeys' 2D:4D Ratio and the Role of Prenatal Androgens in Alpha Males and Females Great HallDee Higley • Alexander Baxter • Ashley Cameron • John Capitanio • Elizabeth Wood Determining the Enzyme Kinetics of Lactase Immobilized on Nanofibers Great HallJason Kenealey • Jeremy Anderson Determining the Role of AKT Isoform Domains in Melanoma Metastasis Great HallSheri Holmen • David Kircher • Yolancee Nguyen • Mark Silvis • Sean Strain Do fish have personality? Repeatability of behavioral traits between sexes in the live-bearing fish Brachyrhaphis roseni Great HallJerry Johnson • Teya Mathews • Andrea Monzon Does Nkx2.2 Enhance Functional β-Cell Mass? Great HallJeffery Tessem • Jasmine Banner • Kenneth Call • Collin Christensen • Aaron Leifer • Trevor Lloyd Durkheim and Difficulties with Development: A Case Study with the Himba Great HallDavid Crandall • Paige Montague Evaluation of cultivatable rhizosphere-associated bacteria isolated from Manzanita (Arctostaphylos patula) in Southern Utah for plant growth promoters Great HallRoger Gold • Michael Hope • Agueda Rodriguez Examining Toilet Related Water Use Within Multi-Unit Residential Buildings Great HallJeffery Horsburgh • Caleb Buahin • Amy Carmellini • Paul Consalvo • Nikki Quinney • Travis Whitfield Feelings of Stress, Guilt, and Self Confidence Among Returned LDS Missionaries Great HallChris Anderson • Blake Adams Glass bead transformation of Gram-positive bacteria Great HallDonald Warner • Aaron Davis • Michelle George Have a Heart: Creating Beating Cardiac Tissue from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes in Cardiac Extracellular Matrix Great HallAlonzo Cook • Rane Eskelsen • Matthew Hodgson • Clayton Holding • Silvia Moncada • Isaac Myres • Blaine Oldham • Joseph Rich • Beverly Roeder Homogeneous Reaction Kinetics of Carbohydrates with Viologen Catalysts in Biofuel Cell Applications Great HallRandy Lewis • Hilary Bingham • Dan Oliveira Measuring Oxygen Levels in Anoxic Environments Using a Microfluidic Device Great HallChris Monson • Brian Anderson • Mariah Clayson • Maverik Shumway Nontoxic Ionic Liquids for Biofuel Extraction Great HallRico DelSesto • TaylorAnn Christensen • Addison Everett • Chantel Sloan One step semen preparation device. Great HallBruce Gale • Trevor Teerlink Paired SNP and CNV Events as Prognostic Indicators for Breast Cancer Great HallStephen Piccolo • Dallas Larsen • Emily LeBaron • Daniel Lewis • Megan Major • Ashton Omdahl • Shun Sambongi Physical Activity Education for Refugees Resettled in Utah Great HallAkiko Kamimura • Mandy Robison Polymodal TRP channels functionally co-localize in a subset of mouse retinal ganglion cells Great HallDavid Krizaj • Monika Lakk • Derek Young Risk for self-injurious behavior and the response to stressful challenges: A comparative study examining genotype, hormonal, and behavioral interactions in nonhuman primates Great HallDee Higley • Stephen Day • Nathaniel Landis • S.U. Suomi • Elizabeth Wood Sex Differences in Ethanol Modulation of Dopamine Release in the Mesolimbic Reward System Great HallScott Steffensen • Mandy Parsons Sources and Composition of Atmospheric Particulate Matter in the Salt Lake Valley Great HallFrank Black • Gaurav Pandey • Andrew Piskadlo • Adele Reynolds • Anna Robert Spatial and Temporal Preposition Comparison Great HallAniko Csirmaz • Alexander Cipro Submillimeter Rapid Fabrication Techniques for Microfluidics Great HallBruce Gale • Chase Omana Supercharging Reagents for Protein Improved Detection Great HallDavid Deardon • Jacob Shaner The association of the serotonin transporter and oxytocin receptor genes on affiliative behaviors in rhesus macaques Great HallDee Higley • Christina Barr • Angus Bennion • John Capitanio • Erin Kinnally • Ryno Kruger • Stephen Lindell • Stephen Suomi • Elizabeth Wood The Community Ecology of the Music Canon Great HallFred Adler • Hannah Waddel The effect of Microbial Metabolites on β Cell Proliferation and Cell Survival Great HallJeffery Tessem • Mathew Austin • Moroni Lopez • Luaren Manwaring • Mimi Ross • Brooke Smyth The Effects of Cocoa Flavonols on β Cell Survival Great HallJeffery Tessem • Moroni Lopez • Lauren Manwaring • Brooke Smyth The effects of Janthinobacterium lividum on Zion Canyon Tree Frogs with Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis infection. Great HallCurt Walker • Janessa Bassett • Dallin Hilton • Siera Theobald The Influence of Germ Cell-Depleted Ovaries on Longevity Great HallJeff Mason • Kyleigh Tyler The Role of the Deep Brine layer in Mercury cycling within the Great Salt Lake Great HallFrank Black • Bill Johnson • Gaurav Pandey • Andrew Piskadlo • Adele Reynolds • Anna Robert • Ryan Rowland • Christine Rumsey • Shu Yang The Space Between Us: Intraspecific Proximities of Alouatta palliata and Ateles geoffroyi Great HallMelissa Schaefer • Ellison Goodrich Understanding the Switch to Sexual Reproduction in Facultatively Apomictic Boechera Great HallJohn Carman • Kaylynn Ashby • Marianne Maughan • Bo Price Using Collagen Hydrogels to 3D Print Blood Vessels Great HallAlonso Cook • Mary Rosbach

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